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Our health and safety rules

Dear Guests,

Safety is the highest value for all of us. Therefore, due to the epidemic situation in Poland, we have introduced additional safety and hygiene rules that will allow you to enjoy a safe and peaceful stay with us.

At the same time, we appeal to you to follow the recommendations that are imposed on all of us.


Check-in takes without the reception desk. We have introduced online registration cards. Each of our Guests receives via e-mail a link to fill in the Guest Card. You are obliged to send the completed Guest Card back to us not later than 24 hours before the check-in date.

Failure to send back the completed Guest Card results in the impossibility of making your reservation.

Our employee will give you the keys on an individual basis. The keys to the flats are handed over in rotation (after handing over the keys from the Guests – they are disinfected and put away for a few days, the next Guests get another set of keys).

The employee has the temperature measured daily before starting work.

We are also available to you on the 24-hour telephone number +48 539 99 49 59

There is an absolute ban on unregistered persons staying in the apartments.

To open the entrances to the apartment building you will receive contactless chips so you do not have to use the intercom.


During the preparation of the apartments, all worktops, handles, equipment of the kitchenette (fridge, dishes, tableware), TV remote control and other items used by guests are disinfected.

We have kept the remaining textiles to a minimum, and those that remain in the flat are exchanged after each guest. Curtains, sofas, beds are steam cleaned. We use a special medical powder to wash bedding, towels and all textiles – Clovin II Septon is a unique powder belonging to the line of exceptional disinfectants. The only powder in Poland designed for full disinfection of fabrics. In each suite there is a liquid available to disinfect hands.

All information and marketing materials in the flats are taken away after each reservation and the next set is delivered in their place.


Disinfectant dispensers with disinfectant are available in public places – at lifts, at the reception desk.

All public areas are regularly disinfected by a dedicated employee.

The pool has a visitor limit, max. 15 people in 1-hour rounds. The pool is then closed for 30 minutes and disinfected (cloakrooms, toilets, showers, communication routes).


There is an absolute ban on unregistered persons staying in the flat. It is not allowed to receive any of your guests in the flat.

Before entering the lift, please disinfect your hands and put on the mask.

Please ventilate your flat regularly.

In each flat we have prepared the necessary information on how to relax safely.

We are not responsible for the concealment of relevant COVID-19 and quarantine information by the Guests.

We exclude liability of Baltico s.c. for health consequences and for possible contamination of the COVID-19 Guest.

We believe that the procedures we have put in place and the responsible behaviour of all our guests will make it possible for you to relax and enjoy your stay with us despite the current situation. Together we can do it!


Baltico Apartament is:


We are available 24h


Individual check-in


Cancellation free of charge*


A child-friendly facility


We also invite with pets


Non smoking facility