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Olympic Park Building

Our apartment is located on the 6th floor of the Olympic Park apartment complex (elevator from the underground garage). It is one of the most modern and comfortable buildings of this type in the city.

The whole complex is a closed facility, 24 hours a day, monitored, equipped with the most modern safety systems.


Olympic Tarasy by Baltico Apartament Kołobrzeg

Our apartment owes its uniqueness mainly to the private terrace on the roof. There is a 50 square metre green terrace on the roof at your disposal. You can relax, sunbathe, eat and play in the fresh air in a safe place. The southern exposition of the apartment provides beautiful sunshine and at the same time protects from the winds. A private terrace on the roof makes rest in our apartment something more than just a place to live during holidays.

Apartment with private roof terrace

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Olympic Tarasy by Baltico Apartment Kołobrzeg is a unique apartment with a private, green terrace on the roof. It is located less than 100 meters from the beautiful, wide beach in the eastern, health resort part of Kolobrzeg. It is currently the most prestigious location in Kolobrzeg. At the same time providing direct access to the extended beach, clean air, peace and quiet, but also very good communication with the city center as well as access to a wide range of treatments, spas, swimming pools in the surrounding resorts and hotels with a Wellness & Spa base.

The seaside promenade on one side leads to a full restaurant and café in the centre of Kolobrzeg. The distance from the center of Kolobrzeg is 2.7 km. On the other hand, the promenade transforms into a bicycle and walking path stretching for 30 kilometres through protected areas “Natura 2000”. Here you can observe, for example, the habitats of wild birds.


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We meet your requirements, combining two most important aspects of recreation: comfortable conditions and peace and privacy.